A Mother's prayer........
A Mother's prayer........

I listen to my children pray
And oh, what simple things they say!
"Lord, thank you for the flowers and trees,
The butterflies and bumblebees.

The pretty birds you made to sing
Oh GOD, thank you for everything
You put on earth to make it nice."

(They might even thank Him for the mice!)

And, sometimes a smile may play
Upon my lips when I hear them say
Their blessings on the frog and toad,
From my heart there lifts a heavy load

Of fear that they may someday stray
To earth's own evil, wicked way..
Their faith is strong, their hearts are sure
That GOD made all things good and pure!

Oh Holy Spirit, so divine,
Completely fill this heart of mine.
Teach me the words that I should say
To guide my children day to day

On up the path that leads above,
To never doubt GOD'S perfect love!
Give me that childlike faith I pray.
Oh! Make me as a child today!

Rosalee M. Burnes 1958

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