~ Guardian Angel ~

This beautiful little angel
I send to you tonight,
To remind you how snug you'll be
Until the morning light.

For this tender little angel
Will never go to sleep,
Always nearby in your dreams,
Close your eyes, now don't you peep.

For lots of busy things
Are on a guardian angels agenda
Spinning golden sunbeams
But also to remember...

Your soft pillow may not fall
And blankets will be pulled up tight,
While chasing away the boogie men
Ah, such a busy night.

And with each wing a-twirling
The cobwebs are brushed down,
And you will never know the secret love
Because there's not a sound.

The wind may be pushed on by
The smog blown clear by dawn,
While taking time to comfort
One who is forlorn.

Just know that when you wake
And you are safe and well,
That your little guardian angel
Did more than you can tell.

Soft Whispers from
2004 Derry's Heart Poems
Poetry from the heart


Psalm 121:7 (KJV)
The Lord shall preserve
thee from all evil:
he shall preserve thy soul

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