October is
Pastor Appreciation Month

Honoring God's Anointed

We often hear of the changes,
That take place in the churches of today,
Where the morals and the values we held on to,
Are constantly eroding away.

The adulterers, the divorced and the gays,
Are filling the pulpits worldwide,
How it must grieve the heart of our Lord,
As His standards are all pushed aside.

But yet there remain a few pastors,
Who are not swayed to fit in with the rest,
They bring forth God's Word with all boldness,
And are willing to withstand any test.

They're not ashamed to uphold ALL God's truths,
No matter how unpopular they may be,
For they know we must adhere to EACH scripture,
And obey His commands faithfully.

I'm so thankful that I have such a pastor,
Who will stand and preach what we must hear,
His desire is to reach all those listening,
That we may grow and to God's presence draw near.

I appreciate his hard work and dedication,
Teaching us to walk the straight and narrow way,
May God bless him for his steadfast commitment,
To the Lord and to His people everyday.


©2003 Linda Lee Wolovich

So Christ himself gave the apostles,
the prophets, the evangelists,
the pastors and teachers,
to equip his people
for works of service,
so that the body of Christ
may be built up
Ephesians 4:11-12

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