God painted the skies in the morning sunrise
It takes my breath away
I see the golden sun
Rising from the earth today.

The heavens are purple, yellow, green and pink
When I see this beauty,
I cannot help but think
I am so blessed God gave me eyes to see
This miracle of life,
My Lord has given me.
When I look at the ocean,
Shining as it laps upon the shore
I imagine all the fish of many sizes
In the sea forevermore.

The dolphins are flying in the air,
Is that what makes the water seem so deep
I am sure, I saw a mermaid waving to me,
All these things are a gift
God has given anyone to see.
As I walk along the walkway,
I can smell the flowers
I must take a look... there are roses, tulips, daisy's
The colors of the rainbow.
The redbreasted robin, the meadowlark at play
The nightingale, all sing so lovely in the day.

I feel the grass, beneath my feet
It feels so good as my toes go in so deep
I watch the falling leaves as they float without a sound,
Yellow, brown, and green flying above me, all around
Until they touch the ground
God's art is the greatest masterpiece
I have ever found.
I am so glad He lets me share the sunset
With the colors of the night,
I live in a world the Lord has made for us
So much to make us happy and keep us calm
The beauty, a picture of art from above
Given to us, made out of love.

© 2005 Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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