A Warm Embrace........

A Warm Embrace........


You belong with me
Feel the beat of my heart
In all your life you will never feel a love like mine
In my hand you hold a red rose,
A symbol of the love we were meant to find.

As we walk by the ocean
Write our names in the sand
I give you a warm embrace
As we wander hand in hand.

When we go horseback riding
Down to the barns where horses are kept
Do you feel the love as we touch
Can you feel the sparks flying yet

A warm embrace with a kiss so sweet
You gently caress my hair
I hold you close to me,
We are without a care

I put my head next to yours
I want us to make this pledge
I promise to love you as far as life goes
Everyday give a warm kiss and caress

You would catch the moon if you could
Give all your passion to me
To wake up next to you
Is my only dream

I will give you my soul to keep
You will give me yours
I will always help you in your need
As I am sure you will help me
So give me a warm embrace
You are me and I am you
There is no better place.

Linda Ann Henry © April 2009
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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