~ Daddy's Happy Birthday Breakfast ~

Rest back now dear Daddy,
Pillows plumped, for dawn is breaking,
I say, be warm and snuggled in
For birthday breakfast's on its way.

Buttered croissant just for you,
A pot of favorite tea,
Fruit compote for your treat,
All from the heart of me.

So wake up warm, dear Daddy,
Love today is knocking at your door,
Knock-knock, stay right there,
Your tea I've come to pour.

Love you always dear Daddy
for sure,
that's what a Daddy's for...

~ Have a very Happy Birthday ~


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © August 2009
Poetry From The Heart

Daddy, all the love that you wrote
within this tender heart of mine
will never be erased
by distance or by time.

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