The wind was blowing fierce and strong,He came to me through the raging storm.............

Be of Good Cheer............

The wind was blowing fierce and strong
He came to me through the raging storm.
He could plainly see that I needed help
for my ship was battered and sails were torn.

I called out to Him with a trembling voice
my soul was frightened and filled with fear.
"Take courage my child" was ".....His SOFT reply"
"nothing can harm you, be of good cheer."

The storm immediately began to subside
as over my soul came a comfort and calm.
I knew in an instant I was safe and sound
with Him there to guide me, now to go on.

If your ship is sailing on a treacherous sea
your call for help He surely will hear.
Across the water His voice will come ringing
"Fear not my child and be of good cheer."


Eddie Roush © 2009

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