Father I stand in awe of your works.........



We all need blessings
To help us climb to the top of our hill,
Blessings of sweet love and laughter
Until all of life stands still.

Silent is the hush
At the end of every day,
Then tomorrow, we are blessed again
In a very special way.

Blessed are the poor, the lame,
All those who cannot see,
Jesus holds their hand,
And gives them hope to be,
As for the sick we pray and all those
Who may not see it through another day.

Look at the great blue sky, at water lilies,
Or the stars that fill the night,
Jesus blesses all things beautifully,
Only He can make it right.

Blessings for the staircase,
Of the future, ever near,
As angels guide our footsteps,
And help us while we're here.

Jesus loves us all,
Whatever we may be,
He blesses every soul,
Who with Him will spend eternity.

Blessings on the good in heart
Blessings for whatever they might need,
The blessing, when we face our Jesus,
Will be of all, most comforting.

Linda Ann Henry© May 2009
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