Bread Of Life.......

Our Lord, Our God
Is the Living Bread
Giving Life Eternal
As our Lord has said

All who can accept
All who do believe
All who embrace Christ
Are those who do receive

For the Spirit brings life
The flesh counts for naught
Thus we seek spiritual food
And redemption blood-bought

We go humbly to Christ
And hunger never again
We discover eternal treasure
And where it has long been

Manna in the desert
Is what our forefathers ate
Sweeter bread than this
Our God does now create

For man lives not
On bread alone
But on Godís Word
And flesh which did atone

Thus we seek true Bread
In the One who for us died
We eat of His flesh
That in us He will abide

And we rejoice in the Gift
The Gift of faith and life
We guard always our hearts
Even in challenge and strife

For Christ lives in us
As in Him we do live
We believe in His Sacrifice
And Eternal Life He does give

Rejoice in the Gift
Celebrate Divine Love
Embrace precious Manna
Bestowed from Above

And seek always the Bread
Follow always the Way
Cling always to Christ
Eating each Word He did say

For it is His Word
That nourishes and feeds
Precious and powerful
Filling all of our needs

Yes, praise God Eternal
Praise the Son on High
Through the Eternal Manna
Christ is to us always nigh


© Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

"I am Yours, Lord, eternally to keep -
nourished by Bread of Life,
revived by Living Water deep."
'Reflection by Caroline'

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