\ Celebrate Christian ecard scripture Isaiah 12:6


Crisp blue sky,
Trees stretching tall,
Wind dancing freely,
Songbirds call,

Such is the beauty,
The grandeur You create;
Surrounded by Nature,
Your love I celebrate.

In the trees and flowers,
In rivers running free,
In the sun shining,
In the clapping tree,

I hear and see You,
Jesus, You are here;
In Nature and her beauty,
Your love shines clear.

Your loving hand
Colors the sky bright,
Your joyous smile
Gives the sun its light,

Your kiss of mercy
Clothes the fields with dew,
Your life-giving touch
Does all things renew.

I join all things,
All things You create,
In Your love, Jesus,
We sing and celebrate.

Yes, with the blue sky,
With trees stretching tall,
I celebrate with Nature
The Creator of us all.

Caroline Gavin İMay 2013
Purposeful Pathway


Isaiah 12:6
Shout, and sing for joy,
O inhabitant of Zion,
for great in your midst
is the Holy One of Israel.

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