A Beautiful City

We are bound for that beautiful city
Jesus is waiting with open arms
Seeking God's glory, love and grace
We read in His word, He lights up the place

What a beautiful time when we will behold Him
Walking and talking on the streets of Heaven
Sitting by the river, meeting loved ones too
Dear friends, I'll be watching out for you

So many times we fail you Lord
You keeps us on that narrow path
Your sweet voice we love to hear
When we are overwhelmed by fear

We will glory in our home beyond the sky
When our work down here is ended
And we reach our home on high
We will rest forever in the sweet by and by

Today is the day of Salvation
Why not come to Jesus and live
The bible tells us to do His will
Jesus paid the price on Calvary's hill

Bernice's Inspirations
© 2005
Bernice Ward

Wishing you and those you love God's best!

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