Closer to You, Lord..........

Closer to You, Lord,
This I now pray,
May I be every moment
Of each passing day.

Your sweet voice I hear,
Your radiance I see,
Your presence I feel
In and around me.


So deep is Your love,
So warm Your embrace,
So beautiful Your blessings,
So glorious Your grace,

Precious Your path,
Wonderful Your way,
Timeless Your treasures,
Every Word You say.


Closer to You,
For this, Lord, I do long;
Take me in Your arms
Eternal and strong.

My soul is Yours,
With it Your Spirit fill;
I live to bring You glory,
To do Your perfect will.


Closer to You, Lord,
What sweeter thing could be?
May I be closer now
And for all eternity.

Yea, stay nigh unto me
Every moment, every day -
Ever closer to You, Lord,
This I now pray.

© Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

Psalm 145:18
The LORD is near to all
who call on him,
to all who call
on him in truth.

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