Eternal Life ..........


~ Eternal Life ~

Jesus died for our sins
So that we can know eternal life
Our Lord loves us so much
He wants us to know His light

It does not matter who we are
The rainbow was His promise to our heart
He takes our hand and whispers all that we must do
He gave us a choice of right or wrong
To find His everlasting truth

Many times when Jesus was on earth
He could have over-ruled the Roman Kings
and all not following God's law
But that was not His earthly call..
He came without a sin only to be beaten sore

Jesus, God's Son was never understood
He could have shown His power
But, if He did that, then, He would
not be honored all these years
for being sin for us upon a cross of wood

He wore thorns upon his head
He taught us how to pray
He forgave us when He died
Even though He was God
He lived here to take our sin
In tears, Jesus prayed to His Father
To take death's cup away from Him

But He loved us so much,
He died for all of us
Then, like the straying lamb
He searches long, to find the lost
to bring home all who want to know the way
Like the thief who He forgave-
We can have eternal life today

So I want to thank God, The Father,
Son and Holy Spirit-
For giving little people, eternal joy
By taking their souls into Heaven because
Only God can show us what to do-
If you hear a whisper,
Hear the loving voice of God to you.

Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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