My Lord, My God
Forgive when with faith I do not see
Help me, O LORD,
To appreciate the unseen with clarity

For our faith lies not in the seen
But rather in those things beyond sight
It is in those with deep faith
That You give favor and find delight

So often I stumble
Because I do not see
I see the world around me, yes
But forget the unseen of eternity

Grant, O Lord, that I may see
As you do, seen and unseen, both
For it is to You and to Your Kingdom
That my life I will always devote

Guide me, Lord, and show me
The path of life abundant and pure
With only You as my Compass
Can the course of my steps be sure

Let the depth of my faith surge
As the deep and beautiful sea
Let never the doubts and worries
Wash over a faithless me

For with faith I will live
And with faith I will die
Only to find eternal promises
Granted from the Most High

Thank you, O Lord, for your grace
To grant me the faith to live
I pray that you increase my faith
And more to me each day You give

For I will please you with faith
And I will serve with hope and love
Knowing You so closely here, Father
And even more so when we meet Above

ęCaroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

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