Remembering The Fifties ............


Back in the fifties once in a while
We'd go to the ice cream shop
Varieties included hot fudge sundaes or cherry sodas
Real treats, banana split with a soda pop
Pretty black and white tile floors
Counter tops of mirrored black with swivel stools
If more then two then we'd take a booth
Then later off to the swimming pool
Remember cherry cokes or root beer?
Air conditioning was new and also at the drug store
A very special treat just to cool down
Always a sweet treat we'd always want more

Sometimes our parents took us after church
To the old favorite soda shop
Certain days they had special prices on their treats
At the register you could buy homemade lollipops
Music playing on the old jukebox
Make your choice and press two keys
One was an alphabet letter and the other a number
Many old tunes Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee
On that street were different shops, the baker and shoemaker
Our bank, butcher, the Asian food store, and five and dime
Woolworths, Kresky, and Grants are gone now
Replaced with modern K-Marts, Walmarts, and Targets just fine

How I miss those old hardwood floors, and saw dust at the butcher
Take our shoes to the shoemaker for cleats
Khakis, saddle shoes and white bucks remind me of Pat Boone
Pretty white blouses with lace, plaid skirts with pleats
Restaurants were White Castle, Deco's and made great crepes
Everyone went to the movies to see Technicolor
House Of Wax in 3-D, and a real good black and white horror Psycho
Men had a fashion with slim belts, pink shirts and drape slacks made them look taller
Trolley cars ran through the larger streets
Only San Francisco do they remain
Bells rang, trains painted bright red and yellow
Progress happens, things change but we all gain

© Joyce Ann Geyer
~Live each day as if it were your last~
~Say your prayers remember Our LORD forgives our past~
~For all have sinned~

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