~ Forgiveness ~

Sweet is forgiveness
When given from the heart
From here true freedom
Does at once start

Bitterness and resentment
Only injure and harm
Un-forgiveness keeps us
From Godís comforting arm

Yet to forgive another
Is to release ponderous chains
It is to leave a prison
Where cold darkness remains

For as the heart forgives
The soul finds warming light
Sweet Son-shine embraces
As one leaves shadows of night

My sister and brother
Dear Christian, dear friend
Let our forgiveness have no limit
Let our mercy have no end

Greatly we have been forgiven
By our glorious Father on high
No sin against us can match
Our sins for which Christ did die

In response to this divine love
In response to this mercy sweet
How can we not but offer to others
Forgiveness pure, full and complete?

Let us then forgive freely
All who may hurt and offend
Let us love generously all:
Neighbor, stranger and friend

For then we will know God
Ever more intimately and true
Then we shall experience love
In ways we once never knew

For the heart of our Father
Is mercy, forgiveness and love
Let us then be beautifully perfect
As is our Heavenly Father above

Yes, so sweet is forgiveness
When given from the heart
Sweet like the love of Jesus
From Whom I pray I never part

©Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

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