~Beehive Lives~

There's a world of much relating
Within the beehive land,
Busy busy in each special role
But, this we understand.

That they must work together
For their sweet society
To produce the purest, best
Harmony is priority.

Yes, care will always bee the key
If all there would be well,
Work to meet each daily need
By this to be compelled.

Evolution cannot bee
Within the beehive land,
They never fight to bee the best
Another to supplant.

But, they will work together
As God made each to bee,
To fulfill the caring role
Within the family.

They do not say, today
I'll wait for life to come to me,
But up they get to always give
Just as they're meant to bee.


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © July 2011
Poetry From The Heart

"Lives that work may share,
lives that love will care."

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