Your Friendship Means.....

~ Glad We're Friends ~

So glad we're friends, you and I.
We met together below
friendships sky...

Friends are like flowers,
but can last forever,
especially because
you always make
me feel so much better.

We can talk day and night,
and when we can't sleep,
we chat till dawn,
in our pajama bottoms...

No makeup needed,
or fancy dress,
just our computers,
and some coffee at best.

We can talk about love,
or what our kids all
have done.
We can solve the worlds
problems in an hour,
with fun...

I'll send you a card
full of flowers if needed,
or a joke to make you
laugh, when you feel
like crying.

Best of all, we will
have each other.
Who could ask
for anything better.

I am thankful to have a friend
like you, that makes the stars
shine so bright.
When the days are long
and lonesome,
I know I can count on
someone like you,

to make me smile another
day, and bring new music,
alway my way.

Remember I'll meet you at
9pm, so we can once
again, chat on-line my friend.


©Janet Ford

A memory lasts forever,
Never does it die...
True friends stay together
And never say goodbye

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