How sweet to have such special friends
When days are dark and dreary,
How nice to hear, I'm praying for you,
And feel the warmth of God's love too.

The encouraging words come from afar,
Life is so easy as we build a special bond,
When you are in the valley low,
Friends do pray, their love will show.

Our friends are like a thread of gold
We care, love and hold them dear,
God knew we would need each other,
His command was, "To love one another."

We may never meet this side of heaven
Tho' we feel each others hurt and pain,
We'll continue to pray for those we love,
Until someday we'll meet in heaven above.

Thank you my friends, for being so dear
For showing love and your fervent prayer,
I talk to my God for you each day,
May you feel His warmth in every way.

2006 Bernice Ward

"God's love is spreading all
over the world through God's vessels."
~Quote by Bernice~

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