I See You Dancing

I See You Dancing

I can see you dancing there
twirling, twirling
breathing softly
thinking as you whirl
I can see your thoughts almost
fleeting, wrestling
busy in your movement
I imagine your mind
creating, feeling, wanting
intense in your creation
of beauty
Your breath is coming faster now
creativity explodes
You want to move more beautifully
you want the world to see
But, you want to keep it to yourself
Just between you and God
Your breathing gasps for air
perspiration on your brow
Your body's muscles tiring
But, still you dance
pursuing, longing,
For inward is the flow, expressed
twirling, twirling..
winding down
slower, slower.
You pause,
I see your eyes
alight, looking out, beyond
desperate now
looking, asking,
you reach,
you see,
you know and then..... I see you change
your whole being rests,
I see the tension gone
Your movement free, relaxed.
You look up, believe, then let go
to be made new, complete
You're smiling,
in and out
You're breathing only Him.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems June 2011
Poetry from the Heart

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