Whatcha Doin' ..........


~ Whatcha Doin' ~

Whatcha doin' in the mornin'
Whatcha doin' in the night
Whatcha doin' every moment,
Oh, 'tis true.... I wish I knew.

'Cause, I miss you in the mornin'

And in the evenin' light
I miss you every moment
Oh, 'tis true, I'm missin' you.

Yet, I'm with you at the dawnin'
And in the evenin' light,
Yep, I'm with you every moment
'Tis so true....I shan't be blue.


Soft n cheeky whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems ŠApril 2012
Poetry From The Heart

"Yay, the love n' faith
we share makes the up look good,
the outlook bright;
the in look favorable and
the future together - just glorious!"

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