~ A Pretty Quiet Day ~

I feel the warmth upon my face, the softly sighing air,
Zephyrs of loveliness, butterflies float everywhere.
They flutter without care, whispering to me
of Jesus everlasting life... saying flight too, for me will be.

I roll my orange, as I ponder, squeezing juice, allure.
The clouds scud by so pretty, the moments feeling pure.
My little poochie whimpers, talking in her way,
Empathy to share, with words she cannot say.

The noises of the day buzz on...Men mowing in the park,
Gum nuts flying from the blades, I hear them clatter, sharp.
Ants are darting in and out, their hole of grey-white sand
I wonder why they turn back in... Oh, it's play, I understand.

Doves coo, it's very soothing, as is the rhythmic click
Of cicadas in the sunshine, summer's on the brink
. The sun's rays sting a little, I lean back in the shade
Chattering to you, of all that God has made.

The wind chime's very pretty, metal rods that dance,
The mulberries, delicious, you've tasted them perchance.
You should see the bougainvillea, red-crimson, hanging low,
Swaying with the beauty, what a splendid show.

The gazebo starts to crackle, the heat contracts, expands-
Everything's so musical, the baton in God's hand.
A flock of birds like Christmas bells, dart joyously about,
My body may be aching, but my spirit wants to shout.

The goldfish, oh so hungry, with joy they open wide,
Golden, black and silver, rosibarbs swish in the pond beside.
The gooseberries are ripening, I can't wait to taste-
Ripe tomatoes for a snack, or for relish I will make.

Then I see a rosebud opening, pink Tiffany in bloom,
I wish for you the fragrance, to touch it's velvet hue.
The day heats up some more, no rain, no rain, no rain,
So, I will need to water, as the storm it never came.

The lemon tree has fruit again, late summer figs will come,
The guavas round and long, now they're my favorite ones.
The lantana blooms beside me, orange, yellow, red
But we don't like it's prickles, the pruning's what we dread.

The plumbago too must go, even with it's pretty blue-
The roots keep spreading everywhere, and it's stamens stick like glue.
But, oh the pelargonium, pink with ruby throat,
I had burgundy and apricot, but they perished, to my woe.

Above me is the Karri gum tree, (with little nuts that drop)
I watch the birds swoop in and out, or sit and sing a lot.
A jacaranda's in the neighbor's yard, with royal purple plumes
It's like a pretty lilac tree, without the sweet perfume.

The nasturtiums smile at me, deep orange, crimson threads,
And I love the climbing rose, flamboyant, flaming red.
Onion, peppers, beet, broccoli, rosemary, thyme, mint, cress,
Lemon balm, parsley, stevia, are in the veggie bed.

I hope the grapes will bloom this year, muscats, so delish,
I'd like to grow some melons, but the timing I will miss.
For our daughter has a baby due, and soon with her we'll stay-
To care for her three little girls, we'll wash and cook and play.

There, that's my moments in God's garden, sharing everything I like,
Do come back for supper in the twilight
Some starry moonlit night.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems ©Nov. 2012
Poetry From The Heart

Colossians 3:16 (KJV)
Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom;
teaching and admonishing one another in
psalms and hymns and spiritual songs,
singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.

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