Hello Dear Friend

I'm thinking of you today
You've been such a dear friend
Do remember God sends His love,
To you and I from up above.

Over the past we have grown close
I have enjoyed sharing with you
I do pray God's best for you always,
The care we share is sure to last.
Do feel God every passing moment
He listens to my prayer for you
Though we're separated by the miles
I send to you my prayers and smiles.

Your kind words do touch my heart
Your sweet kindness, I will treasure
God brought us to each other,
Our friendship will remain forever.
So please my friend, feel encouraged
Though at times the road is rough,
Lean on God, and trust Him always
For His Love... Will be enough!

© 2006 Bernice Ward
Bernice's inspirations

Each time you fall, God will pick you up
brush you off with His gentle hand
and carry you along.
~Quote by Bernice~

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