What Your Friendship Means

People waltz into our lives
But few ever have the key
A key that will unlock a heart
Allowing it to be free.

But that's exactly what you have done
Unlocked this heart of mine
Filled it with joy and so much love
Even though its been a short time.

We haven't known each other very long
But it really feels like years
The day you waltzed into my life
That's when everything became so clear.
My dear sweet friend you are a blessing
I hope to show you this every day
Just how much you really mean to me
In verse form, I'll have my say.

No words can describe just how I feel
But at least I'm going to try
You mean so very much to me
A place in my heart, you occupy.

I'm so very thankful for you dear one
Do you know what you have done?
You've brought joy and laughter into my life
And filled it with so much fun.
I know you doubt yourself a lot
But what I'm telling you is so true
You are my light, my shining star
I'm so glad the Lord sent me YOU!

You've touched so many people sweetie
I know this is a surprise
But never doubt just what you've done
You've made a difference in their lives.

My undying friendship I give to you
I'm here at your beckon call
I want you to know I love you sweetie
And I'll catch you if you fall.
Just know you mean the world to me
I must bring this to an end
No adjectives or words can express my love
For you, my dearest friend.

© 2007 Chee Chee Martin
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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