My Fragrant Garden

This world is like a garden
where roses bloom along the way,
Some will fly off to sprout elsewhere
While some forever stay.
My pleasant garden bountifully flowers
each with a special face...
All my blossoming friends,
bless me with their heavenly grace.

I know the wonder of a rose,
like the wonder of a friendship,
flourishes only in a perfect niche.
God alone knows the climate
Why loveliness is ours to cherish.
There is diversity in friends,
some briefly perfume our paths and are just as dear,
as others who bloom close to us,
year after precious year.

Some are vibrant,
glowing with rainbow colour so bright,
and we know they are smiling,
all through the darkest night.
Others are of a delicate hue,
soft gentleness inside their heart,
and from their sweet prayerful presence
we can never feel apart.

All these special flowers pop up,
miraculously along the way,
each adding their own delightful joy
to each appointed day.
My life has been blessed by wonderful friends.
Beautiful blossoms my loving God sends.

Today I want to say,
that you are very dear.
I am glad for every touch of fragrance,
whether far or near.
I thank God for every flower, as no matter how the weather
I thank God, He planned for us to be together!

Thank you for being my fragrant garden!

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
© 2003 used with permission
Poetry From The Heart

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