Golden Stairway...........

Unfolding before me
In the midst of dream,
A stairway golden,
Its light does gleam.

Shining and sparkling,
Indeed it seems ablaze;
What is this stairway
Upon which I gaze?

Descending toward me
From the clouds above
Is my Lord Jesus,
Greeting me with love.

My daughter, He says,
Come and follow Me,
I shall show you
The staircase of eternity.

The sweetest dream, Jesus,
Pales next to You;
Lead me, my Master,
In all I think, say and do.

I shall keep my eyes
Fixed on treasures above;
I enthrone You in my heart,
For You Yourself are love.

Shining and sparkling,
Is this golden staircase ablaze;
Yet far more radiant is Your face
Upon which I gaze.

Yea, upon this stairway golden,
The light of Jesus does gleam;
He is my passion, my fire,
My longing, my dream.

Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway


Genesis 28:12-13
He had a dream in which he saw
a stairway resting on the earth,
with its top reaching to heaven,
and the angels of God
were ascending and descending on it.
There above it stood the Lord,
and he said: I am the Lord,
the God of your father Abraham
and the God of Isaac. I will
give you and your descendants
the land on which you are lying.

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