Happy I Am............

Happy I am,
Yes, it is true;
Happy I am
Because I have You.

Happy is my heart,
Yes, it is singing,
Rejoicing in goodness
Your love is bringing.

Happy are my eyes,
Yes, they shine,
Sparkling with joy
Of Your love divine.

Yes, happy I am,
My Jesus, my King,
Happy is the song
For You I sing.

How can I be
Anything but happy
When I witness all
You do for me?

You give all You are,
My life You save,
You shower with blessings,
My path You pave.

So happy I am
Today and always,
Happy I am
To sing Your praise.

You are my joy,
You are my delight,
You are my sunshine
Overcoming the night.

You are my happiness,
My sweet sunshine,
My everlasting joy,
My love divine,

The happy song
My heart is singing -
Yes, endless is happiness
You are bringing.

Happy I am,
Yes, it is true;
Happy I am, Jesus,
Because I have You!

Caroline Gavin ŠApril 2014
Purposeful Pathway

Psalm 40:4
"Happy are those who trust the Lord, who do not turn to idols or join those who worship false gods."

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