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~Have You Heard~

Have you heard of a holy child
Have you heard the angels sing
Have you heard of a star
The good news it can bring
Have you heard of The Christ child
Coming down to earth
To save all mankind
By His precious birth

Have you heard of a young boy
Talking in a temple
As He started on His journey
Being kind to all the people
Have you heard how He loved
In every single task
He was always doing
Just as His Father asked

Have you heard how the Romans
Passed cruel judgement on Him
His mother Mary watching
As He bore our sin
Have you heard how they nailed Him
To that rugged cross
When they put a sign to say
He was the King of Kings

Have you heard how He died
On that dark Friday
So we could have eternal life
He bore our guilt away
Have you heard on the third day
How He rose again
Have you heard
How He washed the sins of man

Have you heard of the Holy Spirit
Who enters in our heart
The blessing of The Lord's forgiveness
Only if we ask
Have you heard of the miracles
That walk upon the earth
If we live for peace
And love our neighbor's worth

Have you heard of Jesus' love
How to receive His light
And come into His kingdom
To live everlasting life.

Linda Ann Henry © 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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