He's Always There......
He's Always There......

It took me a long time to realize
Your love is for me
That no matter what my sins are
They were washed away at Calvary
When I was at my worst
Sinking deeper in despair
Somewhere in my darkest hour
You were waiting there.

I never thought I was worthy
To be someone You could know
That even the blood of Jesus
Couldn't reach down that low
Sadness and pain engulfed me
The world had let me down
I had lost everything
Love could not be found.

Somewhere in the darkness
I saw His glimmer of light
My soul had grown so weary
Of keeping up the fight
I simply called on Jesus's name
He'd been waiting all along
By His grace I was forgiven
I'm by His side where I belong.

Linda M. Hill © 2009

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