May peace and rest embrace you........

May peace and rest embrace you
On this Labor Day;
How fervently you labor,
Faithful are you to the Way.

Throughout our great Nation
Our workers we celebrate;
Yet let us not forget also
The One who does create.

Always at His work
Is our dear Father above;
Unceasing He is in His mercy,
Limitless in His love.

With hearts of rejoicing,
Let us praise the Holy One;
Glory and honor belong
To the Father, Spirit and Son.

God gives the power to work,
He gives also the gift to rest;
He works all things for our good,
Indeed all things for best.

My brother, sister and friend,
How grateful I am for you;
Our Father gives us strength
For all the work we do.

Brother, sister, one and all,
Come and rejoice with me;
Rest and refresh on Labor Day,
Lift songs for Godís glory.

For unceasing is His labor,
He is Life, the Truth, the Way;
Let us embrace the rest God gives
On this Labor Day.


©Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

Jesus said to them,
"My Father is always
at his work to this very day,
and I, too, am working."
John 5:17

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