I am the  Vine:Ye are the branches.......

The Lordís Vineyard.......

The Lordís Vineyard.......

Vineyard of the Lord
Land delightful and divine
Sweet are the grapes therein
Precious is their wine

Wondrous, joyous, eternal
Beautiful, lovely and fine
Such is the sacred Vineyard
Yes, such is the chosen Vine

For Christ is the true Vine
His children in Him abide
Taste we do eternal Life
As we remain by His side

Lord, sweet is Life I know
The true Life I find in You
Grant that I remain forevermore
A branch in Your Vine true

Apart from You I lose life
Apart from You I have naught
Abide in me, then, and I in You
For I am Your daughter blood-bought

Your blood is the Wine we drink
It is the Drink of eternal life
You shed Your precious blood
That the Church may be Your Wife

Rejoice then we do in the Vineyard
Sing praises we do of the True Vine
Drink we do of the cup You give
Delight we do in Your Wine

So humbled I am by Your love
My heart quivers to think how vast
Pouring all of Yourself for me
You, my Lord, the First and Last

Tears of joy well in my eyes
My Master, my Creator, loves me so
Glorious to feel Your arms embrace
Wondrous to feel the love You show

Lord, I long to give You my all
To pour of myself as You did for me
For it is Your wine that delights
It is Your love that brings all to be

Let me then be always one with You
A branch of Your eternal Vine
Let me bide in You, and You in me
For I am Yours, and You are mine

How I love my Lord Jesus
My lips from praise I cannot refrain
Each day I delight in being with You
Each moment my joy I cannot contain

Dance I do in the Vineyard of the Lord
Rejoice I do in the land divine
For sweet are the grapes therein
Priceless and precious is their wine

Lord Jesus, sweet is Life I know
Lovely the true Life I find in You
Grant that I remain with You forevermore
A branch in Your Vine timeless and true


© Caroline Gavin

"Christ is the true Vine,
and in Him we abide;
We taste eternal Life
as we remain by His side."
~ Reflection by Caroline ~

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