God Never Makes A Mistake

God's narrow path may twist and turn
My heart may even throb and ache
But I will follow Him because I know
God never makes a mistake.

Some plans I make may go astray
My hopes will never fade away
I will always trust God to lead
He always knows the way.
My nights are dark and long it seems
And I pray that day will soon break
I will keep my faith in Him because
God never makes a mistake.

There are times my eyes grow dim
And sometimes I may not see
No matter what, I will trust God
Leaving all things up to Him.
One day God will clear the mist
A brighter day He will make
And remove all darkness from me
God never makes a mistake.

© 2006 Glenna M. Baugh
Living by Faith

"There is joy in knowing that
God never makes a mistake."
~ Quote by Glenna ~

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