My Daughter My Friend

From the time that you were born
I knew that you would be
A Daughter so sweet and loving
What a blessing you were to me.

The years went by much too fast
Together we both grew
You a lovely lady
And me so proud of you.

We laughed and cried, had so much fun
The day came when I knew
You had to spread your lovely wings
Nothing more that I could do.

I enclosed my memories and shed my tears
You knew I could not pretend
That I would be lonely without you
My daughter, my best friend.

No more dolls and dressing up
School dances, dates and such
No music, friends and giggles
I'll miss that very much.

But God has plans for each of us
And we must follow through
Please know my dearest daughter
Where ever you go I'll always love you.

©Ginny Bryant
Journey Of Love

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