My Pathway Unfolds..............

A pathway unfolds
Before my eyes,
A pathway unfolds
Beneath brilliant skies,

Welcoming me
With joy, with love,
Leading to home,
To heaven above,

Stretching freely
With verdant green,
Whispering playfully
Of treasures unseen..

Yes, a pathway unfolds
Blissfully before me,
Leading me faithfully
To eternity,

For this pathway,
This journey of mine,
Is paved by my Savior,
By His love divine.

It is kissed with peace,
Blessed with grace,
Warmed by the joy
Of His sweet embrace.

So on this pathway
I travel, I smile,
Alongside Jesus
Every step, every mile,

Dancing in fields
Verdant and green,
Keeping my eyes fixed
On treasures unseen,

Delighting in Jesusí
Joy and love,
As He leads me happily
To Heaven above..

Yes, my pathway unfolds
Toward heaven on high --
My Jesus, my Shepherd,
Makes my heart fly!

Caroline Gavin ©Oct. 2014
Purposeful Pathway

Proverbs 3:6
"In all your ways submit to him, and he
will make your paths straight."

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