My sweet love

My hearts deepest desire is
that in all simplicity
and awareness of our deep love
Our hearts would blend as one

I never traveled such a sweet journey
as I have with you these past weeks

Somehow my senses have been blurred
as our eyes see into the depths
of our souls and only the evidence
of our love is left to appear

Nothing else mattering as we join two hearts
discovering the proof of undeniable joy
and glow in knowing the other

We have found the secret of an undisturbed love
by our attitude of constant expectations
Practicing each day to make a good impression
and continually being truthful in our relationship

These words I write in truth and hope for an immediate
response from the one I will always love
for now my time to repose
With genuine love

Janet Ford ©2008

I love you...

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Love me tender "Aura Lee"
Arr. Thomas N. Thurston
November, 1995
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