Once Upon A Dream......

Once Upon A Dream...

Once upon a dream
You came into my life
A star from heaven seen
Whom could testify
What the world could be

Once upon a dream
You said you cried when you are lonely
But you're not the only one
We're two lovers in the world of sin
But we shall overcome
Once upon a dream
You were close to me
In your arms, I want to be
In your heart I breathe
Only you can I see
In my world of dreams

You said someone
Had really hurt you
Well you're not the only one
But we're lovers in
A world it seems
And we shall overcome
So take my hand and we'll walk again
To that place of starry scenes
Two lovers in a world like this
Once upon a dream

Written by Linda Ann Henry
The people's poet
Do you remember me
Musical score and sung by Gary Matthews
Registered ©BMI 2008 all rights reserved
Directly licensed for internet public performance
and published by A Lighthouse.com
Linda's dream available on
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