Our Hand Is In Our Lord's Hand.....

Our hand is in Our Lord's hand
As we walk this path called life
Looking at the earth, the sky and sea
We feel the presence
of Our Lord in symphony

Our hand is in Our Lord's hand
Both in the day and night
In the garden, where the birds sing
And flowers bloom
With new buds bursting through

The grass has never been greener
The apples on the trees more red,
Take one, watch Our Lord smile
In His paradise,
where we are ever fed

Our hand is in Our Lord's hand
There's no more fear to bear
For our Father Jesus holds us
With gentle love,
He always cares

His hand is strong, yet tender
The love He shares, so blessed
Do not ask why, for in our deepest need
His love for us just grows and grows-
He gives His very best

In Jesus love, our life is good
As we help our fellowman
Since He took our place upon the cross
we have been His child,
to live in love the best we can

Our hand is in our Lord's hand
as we walk, all see the love as true
Every blessing Jesus is
All His beauty, wonder, peace-
He gives, through me and you


Linda Ann Henry   ©June 2010
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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