Jesus is our Our Shepherd..........

Gentle Lamb..........

~ Our Shepherd ~

God never gave us beautiful roses
without a thorn upon its stem
But He can give us grace and gladness
If we will but follow Him

Oh Lord, the road gets rough and rocky
And the sun doesn't always shine
But thou wilt smooth the stony places
If we but keep our hand in thine

When about us storm clouds gather
And our hearts begin to fear
A voice so gentle sweetly whispers,
Look unto me, I am near

When we listen to the thunder
And the lightning streaks the sky
You whisper, Child don't fear the darkness.
All is well, it will pass by

Be not afraid tho' trials o'er take you
I am your shepherd, do not stray
Walk in the paths that I shall lead you
And your nights will turn to day


İMrs. Jimmie Chaney Palmer

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