The only real peace that I have dear Lord is in You
The only real peace that I have dear Lord is in You,
Through all life's frustrations, I need You, and I know I do,
For The only real peace, that I have dear Lord is in You!!

The only real peace we have is in Jesus
We owe Him so much for His unfailing love,
God's love is higher than the heavens,
God is faithful and sends blessings from above.

His word is our guide from day to day
He keeps us safe in the hallow of His hand,
His blood still flows, for me it did atone,
May we boldly kneel daily before His throne.

God's streams of love is always flowing
His love and peace he gives to thee,
As we walk close to Him, and let Him lead,
Oh, how He longs to supply your every need.

He shed His blood and claimed me as His jewel
His love, peace, and strength, He pours out to me,
How we need to share the story of the Lamb,
Hold on to Jesus, He is reaching out His hand.

Oh that we would tell of this great peace
Tell of His wonderous love and saving grace,
As we look by faith, we see Him on the tree,
Hear His sweet loving whisper, It was for thee!

©Bernice Ward

Ephesians 2:14-22 (KJV)
For he is our peace,
who hath made both one,
and hath broken down
the middle wall of
partition between us;

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