Pure In Heart...............

Pure in heart may I be,
Yes, ever more pure,
Pure in heart may I be,
Let this purity endure...

For the pure in heart
Shall see Your face,
They shall taste Your sweetness,
Feel Your grace,

They shall know Your joy,
Delight in Your mercy,
The glories of Your glory
They shall ever see.

So pure in heart
May I be now and always,
Pure in heart may I be
For all of my days.

Let not the world
Darken my mind,
Let only Your light
My eyes ever find.

Let only Your love
Ever envelop me,
Let Your sweet touch
Uplift me eternally.

Let Your wisdom
My every step pave,
As through Your blood
My life You save.

Yes, pure may I be,
My Jesus, for You,
Pure in all I say,
All I am, all I do.

The glories of Your glory
I surely see,
As I rejoice in the warmth
Of Your endless mercy.

The radiance of Heaven
I see in Your face,
As I taste Your sweetness,
As I feel Your grace...

Yes, pure in heart may I be,
Ever more pure,
And in Your pure heart
May I forever endure!

Caroline Gavin İMarch 2014
Purposeful Pathway

Matthew 5:8
Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they will see God.

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