Purposeful Pathway.......

Step by step,
Day after day,
I traverse with my Lord
This purposeful pathway.

Grateful I am
For this holy ground,
Which by His grace
I have wondrously found.

Plush and green,
It is lined with trees -
And fragrance of flowers
Dances in the breeze.

Adorning the path too
Are waterfalls and fountains,
Rushing rivers and streams
And majestic mountains.

Birds soar in the sky,
They sing this song,
Glory, Glory to God,
On this path you belong.

For my Savior Himself
Planted this path for me;
This purposeful pathway
He planned from eternity.

The twists and turns,
Intentional are they;
All is ever perfect
In the Lordís pathway.

The trees standing tall,
Toward Heaven stretch high,
Remind me to embrace
My Lord to me nigh.

The colorful gardens,
Yes, each vibrant flower,
Remind me of my Jesus
And His beautiful power.

The waterfalls and fountains
With rushing water pure
Remind me of Living Water:
God gives Life to endure.

The view from the mountain,
Towering in its height,
Lifts my soul to Heaven,
Makes my heart take flight.

Even in the cold corners
And the damp, dark valley,
I marvel how the Lordís Light
My eyes always see.

Jesus, take my hand:
I follow wherever You go.
On mountaintop and in valley
Your eternal love does show.

Each step that I take,
Beloved, I take for You;
I offer You all I am,
All I say, think and do.

No sweeter gift to me
Than to travel Hand-in-hand;
No greater purpose for me
Than to travel as You planned.

My will is one with Yours,
For You I long to please.
I shall travel anywhere:
Mountains, valleys, seas.

This pathway of purpose
My heart does treasure;
To do the Will of my Lord,
This is my good pleasure.

So rejoice with birds
I shall with their song,
Glory, Glory to God,
On this path I belong.

I marvel at this way
Beautifully lined with trees -
And the fragrance of flowers
Dancing in the breeze.

I delight in traversing
This holy ground,
I delight in my Lordís voice:
How sweet the sound.

Yes, step by step,
Day after day,
I cling to Your hand, Jesus,
On this purposeful pathway.


Caroline Gavin ©May 2012
Purposeful Pathway

"Seeking Spiritual Growth?
Or more JOY in your Journey With Jesus?
Walk the Purposeful Pathway"
'Reflection by Caroline'

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