Refreshing Water.....

Come and drink from my refreshing water
Relax and let all uneasy feelings cease
Release your every burden upon me
I am able to give your life peace.

I am Jesus who loves you
And I will never leave you alone
Even when the darkness falls
You will never face it on your own.

You do not ever need to be afraid
I am here to dry all your tears
Believe that I am your friend
And I promise to remove all your fears.

I know your every thought
Before you kneel to pray
I will not be surprised
At the things you want to say.

I am not here to condemn you
When you confess your sins
I want you to open your heart
And let my love enter in.

All refreshing waters fill our soul
Keeping us going toward our goal
To reach our home in the sky
And meet God our Father by and by.

© Glenna M. Baugh
Living by Faith

"The refreshing water we
receive from the well
of Jesus never runs dry."
~Quote by Glenna~

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