Jesus Is Reminding Me.....

Jesus Is Reminding Me.....

I'm awakened each morning with a renewing of my mind
For Jesus is daily reminding me
For I know the old thoughts I use to have
Wasn't bringing God glory

Jesus is reminding me everything will be okay
The Holy Spirit is guiding me in the strait and narrow way
It doesn't matter what the world may see or say
For He is the Alpha and Omega in control still today

He reminds me the most important thing is love
This was the commandment Jesus brought from above
He has reminded me in all I say and do
To do it in love and all things will go well with you

He has reminded me what true faith really is
To put your trust in Jesus as long as you live
Love is the only thing you get more of when given away
He also reminds me of the promises if we just obey

You see my old mind wouldn't have thought on this
It is the renewing of my mind through my Christ Jesus
For if you yourself will call upon His name
He will hear and answer as He renews your mind the same

It's the renewing of the mind that truly sets one free
For the things of this world are only temporary
Think on the word and be reminded too
God and His infinite wisdom has blessings for you

There is no respector of persons you see
He hears the prayers of all that want to be free
His word does a washing in your body and mind
As He reminds me of His love so true and so kind

Today and everyday I wanna' be reminded
Of the cross at calvary and Jesus' loving kindness
Remind us Dear Jesus, the sacrifice for all man
The greatest love ever known
Is the nail scars in His feet and hands

I pray this will be the utmost reminder to all
That they hearken to the Holy Spirit's beckon call
For it was love that nailed you to the cross that day
And it is love that reminds me My sins were washed away

Remind us all Dear Lord, your love is so true
Remind us Dear Jesus, that you will see us through
Remind us it is only in thee we should trust
For on calvary it was finished and it was done with pure love

Pastor Linda Begley © 2009
To God Be The Glory

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