In my heart this sacrifice isn't just all about
How they gave their every breath,
Their whole life, their soul
The gift of freedom to possess.

It isn't only about the courageous way
They left behind all that they loved,
Treasured memories, family
Though all of this would surely be enough.
It's not just how they gave up having
A future marriage, a lovely home,
Beautiful children, a satisfying career
Where they would never be alone.

It's never only how they turned fom fear
To protect all of their own,
Standing up against invaders
Who would take away their homes.
It isn't even in how they fought in deprivation
With a will to win,
A passion to conquer the oppressor
The victory home to bring.

It cannot be held only in their sacrifice
Of every known comfort to man,
Home cooked food, a cozy bed, normality
Everything that they could understand.
For above all, what impacts my heart to tears
More than I can ever comprehend,
Is that they faced death of all, for me, my future
When they didn't even know I was their friend.

Lord Jesus, may heaven be overflowing with
such beautiful ladies and men.

Soft Whispers for their love from
Derry's Heart Poems ©2005
Poetry from the Heart

John 15:13 (KJV)
Greater love hath no man
than this, that a man
lay down his life for his friends.

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