Song for Jesus.....

Deep in my heart
Plays a song so sweet,
Inspiring praise on my lips,
A dance to my feet,

A glimmer in my eye,
A joy in all I do,
A vision of treasures
Timeless and true,

A happiness pure,
A hope so strong,
A love that is deep,
Wide and long..

Yes, deep in my heart
A song does play,
Bringing beauty
To my purposeful way,

Playing of Jesus,
Of His undying love,
Of His endless blessings
From heaven above,

Of His perfect wisdom,
Of His pure bliss,
Of His sunshine smiles,
Of His tender kiss,

Of His rich provision,
Of His amazing grace,
Of His colorful rainbow,
Of His warm embrace.

So will you join me
In this song to sing?
Let us lift praise
To our Heavenly king,

Let us bask
In His love so strong,
Let us rest
In His arms so strong,

Let us see Jesus
In all that we do,
Embracing His treasures
Timeless and true..

Yes, since Lord Jesus
We did meet
Plays this heart song
Sublime and sweet!

Caroline Gavin ŠAugust 2014
Purposeful Pathway

Psalm 33:1
"Sing for joy in the LORD,
O you righteous ones; Praise
is becoming to the upright."

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