The Son's Soft Whisper......

The Son's Soft Whisper
(in the Summer Breeze)

The summer breeze dances,
Passing gracefully through the leaves,
Winds of refreshment
For him who believes.

For whence the wind comes
Or whither it goes, we cannot tell
Yet those born of the Spirit
Know Jesus does all things well.

Delight I shall in the breeze,
Breathing in the summer fragrance;
Bask I shall in the sunshine,
In its warm rays I shall dance.

How can I not rejoice,
How can my heart not beat with song?
My sweet Jesus loves me so,
And to Him I forever belong.

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring,
These seasons I live for You;
You poured Your lifeblood for me
Lord, what else can I then but do?

King of all the seasons,
How You bring joy to my heart:
In the summer breeze You softly whisper,
You and I will never part

Whence the wind comes,
Whither it goes, my Lord, I cannot tell
Yet I know deep in my heart
You do all things well.

Refreshment You are, my Jesus,
All fears You do relieve;
I dance then with the summer breeze -
How glorious it is to believe!


© Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

For thou, LORD,
wilt bless the righteous;
with favour wilt thou
compass him as with a shield.
Psalm 5:12 (KJV

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