The stairway is an upward climb
Many patches of rough steps we find
We talk and pray with Jesus on our way
As our guide He keeps us from going astray.

Many times we are filled with demons of fear
And the voice of Jesus speaks I am here
He whispers words that give us hope
Then we journey on, now able to cope.

We have no secret that He does not know
Nothing can be hidden from Him, this is so
Out of the darkness of the night
The light of Jesus shines bright.

At times we may falter along the way
On this earth we are not meant to stay
For some their journey will be slow
But the angels in heaven await we know.

He watches over us with tender care
We see God’s beauty as we journey there
God loves this world we know
Because of all the blessings He does bestow.

The stairway will end outside heaven’s gates
Inside happiness and joy with God awaits
Everlasting peace will be our reward
And we will stand with Jesus our Lord.


Glenna M. Baugh © July 2010
Living by Faith

"At the stairway’s end there will be no more sorrow;
Life will be eternal with God tomorrow."
~Quote by Glenna~

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