What Was I Supposed To Be
What Was I Supposed To Be

Come morning's rays of dawning
And I was with you then
Come noonday's brightest glow
I still was with you when
The stars come out to shine
With moonlight's silver rays
My heart will yet be near
As all I am, always

The me that formed beneath your heart
'Twill be your child alone
My parent you will always be
No matter where I go

And when dreams drift you o'er
With you I'll ever be
For I am me, God gladly made
Where love's for you and me

Come morning's beauteous call
When memories carry through
In love, that is most true
My heart's still close to you

Do not fear for me, wherever I am..
I am the me, as God supposed me to be
kept in His love eternally

Softly whispered from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

A parent's heart yet beats
whether a child is home,
or grown or flown the nest,
They are still within our heart
Where love for them is kept
And if they go to their everlasting home, the
Father's heart supremely blest,
then a dearer, safer place could never be
where all is sweetest, best.

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