Take away my tears, sweet Jesus, take away my tears
I'm kneeling before you, on bended knee
Help me stay strong, tell me I belong
Let me see the sun
I want to light a candle, that is my very own

There are times, I live in the past
I hope it does not last
I have dreams I want to come true
Yet, I am not sure how to make them bloom.

Take away my tears, sweet Jesus, take away my tears
I have tried my very best, to be in your grace
I am kneeling before you,
On bended knee
How do I leave my past alone
I ask you sweet Jesus, send me your love
Way up high from above.

I am your child, Jesus, take away my tears
Pray for me, let me see a glimpse of Heaven
I want to see what becomes of me

Take away my tears, Dear Jesus, take away my tears
You are The Lord, my heart is reaching you
I know you love me and you will help me through
On bended knee, I will stay
Until Jesus takes me to Heaven, away.

© 2005 Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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