Lord, I thank You for another year
A year spent close to you
I thank You for the many trials
You've seen me safely through

I thank You for a year of health
For each and every day
Though sickness knocked upon my door
Your Word chased it away

I thank You for my husband, Lord
The one You've tied me to
I thank You for the seas You've calmed
To anchor us in You

I thank You for my children, Lord
Sons strong and daughters fair
I thank You that You understand
Each time I call their names in prayer

I thank You for my grandkids, Lord
They've brought me so much joy
I thank You for the kids they'll have
For every little girl and boy

I thank You for my loved ones, Lord
They mean so much to me
Sisters, brother, nieces, nephews
Those carved on our family tree

I thank You for my friends, dear Lord
The faithful and the true
Who laugh with me and cry with me
Then bring my needs to You

I thank You for my pastors, Lord
For the church You've led me to
Where Your Word goes out to heal my hurts
And builds my faith in You

I've so much to be thankful for
Just the privilege to pray
Thanksgiving Day is much too short
I must give thanks each day

Doris Jacobs-Covington © 11-1996

Happy Thanksgiving


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